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Programs at Darul Iman Academy

Our rigorous curriculum seeks to provide students with the opportunity to flourish into well-rounded adults. Both spiritually and emotionally, Darul Iman Academy actively creates learning opportunities for the whole community.

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Alima Course

Intensive Higher Islamic Education

The Alima course is a 6 year comprehensive study on the Islamic Sciences, including but not limited to : Arabic Grammar, Quran and Tafseer, Hadith, Literature, Islamic law, Islamic History etc.

Secular Education

Elementary and High School Programs

Our curriculum covers the entire spectrum of a complete education, which adds Alima Course with Academic subjects such as; Mathematics, ELA, Science, Social Studies/History, Art and Health. Program is affiliated with New York State Board of Education.

Maktab Classes

Basic Islamic Education with Academics

For students under the age of 10 who wish to engage in both Islamic and Secular education, there is a Maktab section available. This program is also full time and is a gateway to the Alima Course.

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